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our hearts beat in unison, and the colors had done us in, hands held within a tangent midnight, creamed time without an end in sight,

freeform thought forgot the taught teachings, reaching for information, but losing interest in the lessons, the teachers taught us opinions and we danced within their glow we ought to lose the real reason the knowledge is in focus of the known.

the crowned forces from the the future fed us fabrications fast and further, the place parralel to peace was the worst war we weathered and messy muders in the east threw us for loops long lost last lust, and pops made the harmony last long last dust. and the pleasure pies we devoured caused ripples in the hour, the pie filling was appealing till we the crust was on the ceiling, the food fights faught were videod and bought, brought to the masses and seen threw 3d glasses, trash is thought to be obscene on the scene but voodoo is cool for guys like me, who believe, that the spirits and the souls, the ghosts and the ghouls reek havoc in private schools, the rich get richer and the poor eat from cans, the meals that we were offered were handed out on battle plans. simple men worshipped the devil for he made up sex and blowjobs, but the best that ever sucked a dick were women born with lips so thick, that when they snacked vibrations flew to hips, and I was born for dipping chips in dip, vagina of a lover's torso, fought for, bled for in those harsh red seas, angels sang to us their melodies, and killing wasn't just a task, t'was a class clown that forgot his mask, and all the children stopped to sing, about the hope that thoughts could bring about, amplified words dont make a sound, they make a difference in the energies, the lovers dreamt of beds so clean, that the fires ice and waters weren't deadly, they brought freedom and civil liberties, we needed them, they needed us, we threw around ideas and trust, and when the rest just stood around, the man that danced was a newborn clown.

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