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Updated: Oct 16, 2021

we knew the task we tried our best the majority thought we should not rest we dropped from exhaustion when pollution was clean, man was thought to be selfish harmful and mean, and we never took action, we just looked around, the people that were quiet, just lay on the ground, and bound by our colors, and locked by our letters, the fortunes were split up, and did not remain treasures together forever, I ran to the cliff, and saw the edge and the bottom, impressed by the way the golden leaves fell in autumn, our victims were lucky, that we were nice people, if it were others, tommorow would be seen only in borrowed dreams, from the people that run the show, but we chose to let them go, and the loyalties that were shown, made us happier to be alone, our lovers remained with us past nightfall, well into the next day, only the selfish and scared, awoke and ran away, we discovered the truth, in a lost accident, when we were looking for change, in the couch for the rent. The people that bring about change, cannot manipulate or rearrange, because  no one knows anything, except for the crazies and deranged.

and people look strange, when your a stranger, faces look ugly when your alone, women seem wicked, when your unwanted, streets are uneven when your down.   and down and down we went, and the day of the work was collected in a check that was spent on shit, but what else would we have ourselves do, when we dont know that we dont have a clue.

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