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we held forum to discuss matters openly everybody’s power was the same as they came and gave truth a novel form from absence to chaos - harm attacks the heart the living live with guilt it’s only a consequence of being alive. Our minds feel crazy sometimes, so everybody thinks they’re crazy or special. The truth is that we’re all the exact same thing, our egos just reassign itself a special meaning in your…. you perceive it as your heart but it’s really your ego. my ego M-Y-O-U-R Ego. Fantasy

This is the story about a young boy who desired to fly. He daydreamed about it but believed he only annoyed those around that found themselves next to him. He was the next of kin, his big brother believed in the organized form and structure of things. As absolute law he functioned as a flawed member of the team. Our pack went back to retrieve the love we’d leave behind if flawed by design then your path’s realigned until you can find out how we allowed it to fall so far behind. be kind, rewind and learn a thing or two society which means companion in Latin is not a system, it’s just a concept - a description. A plural noun. That’s got it’s thoughts rearranged somehow- having a meta-cognitive conversation with himself and herself considering constant patience a hinderance to the future we all want now. we sabotage each other in hopes to get ahead the race we all run is a gun to our heads I don’t mean to frighten anyone. I mean you no harm. I yearn for Love and Forgiveness above a Religious high-privilege acceptance of opinion A man with no judgement was the last thing I saw before I entered this physical world and it’s physical walls i didn’t get them at all

but now i guess i do. they were built to keep each other out because some people don’t want us to experience our ultimate potential. together And what is that? I don’t know. I can’t see it. I want to help but I’ve never known how. I’m sorry.

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