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if the organized orchestrated confines of my mind are designed and pre-pared with each decision defined by terms and conditions I never agreed to consciously then how might I be a being of free will? I step back from the ledge of insanity and see humanity from an outsiders perspective, freelease my ego and allow it to breathe the ants on the sidewalk are programmed to gossip and deconstruct some are outlined with chalk so we may know where not to go and how not to grow because get too big for our britches and the bitches that make big decisions will dissect us and with their incisions they will insist to enlist us in prisons of fear, shackles, collars, and livings proxy to those that are known only as fictions written by ghosts so let’s give a toast to the knowledge of most that we live on the coast so it’s familiar to boast but someday we’ll surely be swallowed by the shore we enter the water to heal the wounds and absorb the cures but our pores are blocked by government power hungry brokers are loving it im sorry power hungry fuckers are lovers of the stage broking away the beach as we lay as the waves break over the current conditions we live in

I want a future that’s filled with community but when I enter the world I hear horns and profanity and I mean truly profane not specific certain words or sayings plain hatred and blame of each other for lack of gain so it makes me jaded too - because who can desire to belong to a community of fools and that very defense mechanism makes me a fool too

so I swim in the pool that is swimming with jewels that are embedded in shit like the media’s exalation like Facebook is a gift and twitter defines this generation’s tradition of myth

if a lie is told long enough then it becomes truth we should wake the fuck up and demand signs of proof but the fucks are us as we only trust in disgust the greatest treasure of all lost is the time became dust

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