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A Brief history of Zachary

I'm guided by my ancestors and multiple partners in this life. I'm going to use this website to share everything that I am working on, sharing media, and staying in touch with my lovely community of humans.

Thanks for visiting Zax.Zone.

I'm a creative designer and technologist with a history of helping projects flourish, bringing communities together and being in service where and when I'm able to.


I grew up in Southern California, made my way to Seattle, Wa and am currently happy living in Portland, Or.


I have produced over a dozen events in multiple states, for different communities. Worked on production over a decade in the Entertainment industry  (emphasis on comedy talk show guest booking). I've also worked extensively in the transportation sector, communications and public relations. 


Current Focus

Lucid Vibe Emblem

Lucid Vibe Radio

We are currently in preparation for the 2020 season of our community-run radio station. Organizing the content and planning the next steps of our growth trajectory.



Consider me to be a pollinating networker. Currently I'm helping the Mycelial network find the right foundation for it's collaborations and establish a strong basis for environmental restoration and responsible social design. 



14 years of direct civil engagement, protest, environmental protection, legislation reform, community organization, logistics, effective group dynamics management. Facilitating civil assemblies. 


Let's Communicate!

Let's Communicate!

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Zachary Wolk

(310) 692-4101  (text preferable)

Lucid Vibe Radio, 

Portland, OR


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