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Lucid Vibe Radio

Lucid Vibe merges audio programming from multiple schools of Radio. Part talk-radio, part consciousness-positive music playing 24/7. 

We feature original programming Monday – Thursday, from 5:00PM – Midnight PST.

Shows include Spoken Word poetry, Eclectic DJ Sets, Conversations about the world we share and how we think/believe everything happens. Lucid Vibe is a Community of Friendship and Well-Being.

The Real UHF

The Real UHF was a television studio I ran back in 2007, we produced 4 short comedy series. It's my intention with Zax.Zone to restore access to all of the content we made for the Real UHF and prior videos we made for the Underground Funkstar Railroad (FunkyRailRoad). There's hundreds of hours of footage, so it will take a while to process and upload. Stay Tuned!

I.Am.Life Project

As we see it, most, if not all, of the world's current challenges stem, fundamentally, from a lack of connection – to the world and each other. Our events combine aspects of traditional indigenous ceremony and wisdom with modern technology, creating contemporary ceremonial experiences that re-establish a sense of connection.
In our experience, the combining of traditional/indigenous and modern transformational technologies is a powerful and necessary contribution towards bringing forth a thriving, just, and sustainable world.


Zachary Wolk

(310) 692-4101  (text preferable)

Lucid Vibe Radio, 

Portland, OR


Let's Communicate!

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