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Currently awaiting new equipment to begin the next chapter of Lucid Vibe Media, 24/7 podcast forum video streaming. Stay Subscribed to Lucid Vibe Media to stay in touch.



Consider me to be a pollinating networker. Currently I'm helping the Mycelial network find the right foundation for it's collaborations and establish a strong basis for environmental restoration and responsible social design. 

Shady Pines Radio


In 2020 during the Pandemic I united with my good friends Brian and Callie to start Shady Pines Radio. SPR is an extension of their work to provide good opportunities for the talent in Portland to Shine, and SPR provides the soapbox for anyone with good ideas to get creative, 24/7 Community expression, with new endeavors constantly arising, support SPR!



Jim Yeager

"Zachary is efficient, thoughtful, and skilled... He gives your company the kind of PR that money can't buy! I've very impressed with this young man's attention to detail. He showed great care and genuine interest in our welfare and comfort." 

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