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The generation of ideas to clear impurities caused by past insecurity Eases the mind to rest beside a place to find to rest in Under a spell I felt the wonderment of a child well, Forgotten measures of mistakes placed together, Sloshed in the mouth spat out to let trapped visions pierce through dark cloudy prisons Interested in the places you’ve been the times that you’ve sinned and the win I seek the kiss of a girl who twists my world to a place I can’t resist Temptation and pleasure to peel back the skins of unnecessary defenses To love the person you feel closest to Is to be a part of the moment that consumes you whole Leap into an unknown scary idea One that is only as real as you allow it to be The greatest reward might only be won after the greatest risk to feel the prize We prance around during the night telling lies for no one knows the truth And it’s not for us to know. Those that assume they do are consumed by the agony of the lack of control It’s a stolen and broken return, a gained misfortune for the world of ours to trade For a shield and a shirt that proclaims one can ever be sure, and that it’s that news that assures them of the way the world is, but it is only that way for one, Because although it is debated it is my belief that we only relate to each other through similar means to explore. All else in store for individual beings is subjective and remains to be seen if anything is exactly the same, This game for you is to be played as uniquely as the shape of your face It’s glory really, if you see it as such That the stress in the life that you lead need not mean so much if you let yourself lose touch and regain connection with the rest of creation. It’s a story as old as the origin of the glow in the unknown You must throw yourself into the mindset that it’s okay not to be the source of your own misery It’s difficult because it’s all you’ve come to know. once you acknowledge the path that you take to the top of the world is fake, you can exist in the now and allow this place in space to be yours to grace the mind of a blind adult with an eager child inside waiting to see the love again begin.

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