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Journeying endless

Journeying endless, thoughtfull and friendless, we killed off the boundries because they limited us from greatness, and the conservatives wrote books about why they hate us.

In this day and age, from this state and page, we saw a lot of things coming, from the windows inside of our cages, cracks and crevices, trapped all our nemesises.

Blemished record, she thought wouldn't effect her, made her community cringe, the world backed up slowly as she inched her way forth. we double checked the records but we had a poor source. the forces that be caused the wreckless to see, that these patterns got in our way, and only helped  us to bleed. we  fed the masses at mass, and the students in class, had the teachers arrested, from all their past lessons, were false, and for their sins, the crosses were filled, and knowledge was served losses, imposters were billed, for meals we ate, a perfect bait awaits us in our mate, and fate deals unkindly back-bastardly blows, we kept on our toes but the world only glows when we keep friends a nice distance, eniemes nearer, and family closest, so death is just the right amount of appealing, back skin to let the ideas jump in, we shouldn't fix what's not broken, the people have spoken,

We're all a little bit sad and a little bit lonely but it helps to know that we cant feel good without feeling shitty, So when we feel good, we forget all our badness and when we feel bad we remember the good so we know life is worth living, and sometimes it should.

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