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so soothing, so peaceful, so calm see it through and open your heart, exit the ego and enter the dar

hopeful remarks as the mind defines thought eliminate the need and tear it apart this is an art and that is an art and the scent of my fart is some other chef’s art and I just don’t feel smart and I want to seem smart to trick all the losers who care less for the heart I don’t need a reason, there’s no reasons at all I followed the madness as it lurked down the hall turned all the corners - I followed her there awareness of ego collapsed the mind’s eye to bare witness and force admission of my own participation is false prisons reharness the power that was given at conception keep teaching yourself the lessons against repression and tension and swallow my message

the key to be free is the need to believe in a powerful being that you need to set free recycling knowledge and energy forces the mind to realize the lack of need for importance to justify losses losses persist and the things that we miss are anchors that bind memories too concentrated to exist they block up our passageways clog up our gifts

my desire is to fly forward and then hop on a drift the creature within is disordered but is no-where near sick

modern science’s wish is perfect health for the rich and I am rich in my heart

so I place a proverbial shotgun to my brain and explode the whole world apart

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