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perceiving things

Awareness prepares us for the unknown, thus the process of being aware is alone in showing the things that cannot be seen, when we free up the mind from the struggle and the suffer, when we allow our contentious heads to step aside and learn from sleeping pride we find in this place a chance and a trace at new thoughts to us being discussed with those whom all of our opinions are new to too.

Searching through my brain I flew to a higher plane in vein for what I need is here but my conscious needs my vessel to travel to understand that it needs to be clear to know, telling myself that my persons a show is just a way for me to hold on to the notion that I am more important than the ego I wish to part with where my rational self knows it doesn’t have a place in improving the race, I struggle with my transcending ideals as I pick through the food in the diet of my limited meals and I ask my self to appeal for strength that the greatest lessons learn only come from the worst mistakes overturned… so I make one now, and my life is one now and mind is my life and the prime of it’s knowing itself aware of not how it came to be or where it’s traveling but simply that it is and is being that, identity, thinking that we’re us and you are separate but in the grand scheme of things we all began together and we will all end together, and in the between we cross paths and match and mismatch, and we are all unique, there has never been another face exactly like yours, variation is a tool we use to bring unique knowledge to the pool to swim through and experience in the end.

I fear It’s right Electricity travels through me late at night I steer my thoughts clear from fright toward the guiding light that helps me see I share my sight with the blind knowing that they are the only ones to help themselves know as I, so I grant them no opinion, I simply share the feeling that passes through me that helps me clear the hurdles that stand in the way of me truly being free

Whatever that means My life is worth beans, because how can we measure the treasure of each other’s pleasure. I contain contagious glee for the happiness inside of me needs to be realized new by all the yous I’ve yet to have met, I do the deed I do in hopes that you will share the feelings with me to help me understand you and your unique way of perceiving things.

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