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'that is not a concern of yours'

we’re floating freely through cliches we judge a person by their previous praise and their reputation ways to understand a person’s goal a person’s plan

through the glands of mine I found a heart and she caught me to be simply unique and lovely since that moment never pulled apart connection is the art

we smile as we pass each other moment to moment by moment

we move for we know not else what to do

the process by which we measure signs is illiterate

What we should do is what we are doing, growing, sharing, learning.

gifts to give from one to another out of the care and caress of skin ensexed with primal desire and kindness

look at us - the royal we

we perceive ourselves to be better than each other that is part of that same royal we

we play petty games for we know petty ways

we could help each other but we’re too afraid of discomfort to risk it your soul is a dog and all it wants is it’s biscuit

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