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the prophet of time

and the prophet said time is a hell of a crime focus on the intention instead of prime directive blind justice like a bat, man all the facts are fake can we spin the truth back to a balance act or can the tax man truly do the work of angels turn the energy to love make the hardened people saints and replace extremism with a hug we vote for the people that we think are good leaders so we judge and we fight and we bicker and get sicker defending our judgement we reach out to gain support but the people are fixed on the sport within the sport as the athletes get hurt the fans holler for more the injury is not sacred - many bones left to break if the champ lets us know that he’s sore it’s a mistake weakness is a burden that we just don’t allow make the jockeys bet on those that wear their poker faces well here we go gun is shot in the air like a bomb as our hearts race quicker iraq was like vietnam but the people have their streams and their porn who needs dreams? who needs to know about the suffering when Leno’s on the screen there’s no meaning behind the meaning the blind lead the puppets as the puppets pull our strings the sky is still blue and the stars are still white and when the night turns into day then everything gets bright we throw our kids into the schools so they learn all the rules and come out not knowing how they turned into mules they do the same shit like the insane always do as long as food is on sale who needs a holy grail just keep the motion pictures running and the people filming fucking and we’ll be fine remaining blind imagining our kids are kites flying freely in the sky so we can watch our watches ticking…. ticking…. ticking…. bye.

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